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We Film Everything

Worklogue Collective (WC.) [pronounced /work-log/] is a premium visual content company based out of New Delhi, India.

Our intent is to conceptualize and produce tailor-made content that stimulates our audience to see the unseen and drive emotions with motion.

We're in pursuit to deliver the best in films, photography and creative direction with a host of talented directors, artists and brands.

The guys you'd pick to film on any given wednesday



Founder, Creative Director 

Born and raised in New Delhi, Karan has always been a go-getter. May it be travelling, theatre, films or photography, he keeps on starving for more. He believes the child inside him will never let him see the world just the way it is. While working in the media industry he saw a huge gap between quality work and the price people pay for it. With the idea to bridge that gap and to build a collective where art and artists are free to create & document their work, Worklogue Collective came born in 2016. The entire focus from there on was to build a company that believes in the idea of art, its creation and its celebration, without compromising on quality. He has a Master's degree in Film and Television production and loves being behind the camera. He is also a published photographer and can be caught on Instagram when nowhere else.


Co-Founder, Creative Director 

A cinema lover who cherishes nothing but the world created in a film. He is also a contemporary poet, having said that he has given his voice to number of boutique films. With Cinema being his second language, Varun has a Master's degree in Mass Communication with a specialization in Film & television production. He has all the knowledge of how to handle a start to end media project. May it be scripting, editing or story-telling, Varun knows it at the back of his hand. He has successfully managed various projects in the capacity of a director, cinematographer and an editor. Varun has gained practical as well as theoretical knowledge from his past projects while being associated with various media-houses in Delhi. His love interests often circulate between the likes of Gulzar and Al Pacino. You can always hit him up for an impromptu shayari session.

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